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Giftcard Program


Program Overview: Fareway Stores, Inc. has generously provided $200,000 in Fareway gift-cards for ICCE (Iowa Chamber of Commerce Executives) members to support small businesses in their communities.

These gift-cards are intended to support small businesses and their employees who have been impacted during the COVID – 19 crisis. Gift-cards must be distributed to the businesses or to an employee of the business who will be a representative of that business.

The Greater Newton Area Chamber of Commerce has been awarded $2,000 in Fareway gift-cards to distribute amongst our member businesses. We are asking that if you are interested in applying to receive gift-card/s that you please take a moment and fill out a quick application. We know that we have many small businesses within our membership, and we want to spread this gift out to as many businesses as possible.

Who Qualifies to apply?
You must be a current member of the Greater Newton Area Chamber of Commerce and employ between 1-25 people at your business or non-profit.
  1. You must complete our online application
  2. You must distribute gift-cards to your current employees either currently working or laid-off. IF you are self-employed you may apply for gift-card/s
  3. You must be willing to represent your business and work with us and Fareway to publicly thank Fareway either via Facebook or other social media, as well as through our local media. (We will lead you on how to do this)

We appreciate every one of our members and we hope to help as many as possible through this generous donation from Fareway. We will process applications in the order they are received and will be immediately awarding the gift-card/s. Each gift-card is worth $50 and a business may apply for multiple gift-cards but we cannot guarantee that you will receive requested amount of gift-cards as we have a limited amount. We will try our best to equally distribute to those who properly apply. We ask that you only apply if you have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis at your place of business.  

Thank you,

Amanda Price

Executive Director, Greater Newton Area Chamber of Commerce

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