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Lighted Holiday Festival - Light Display Registration

The Greater Newton Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to invite you to participate in our Lighted Holiday Displays event. The event will be held on Friday, November 26th, 2021 and will be from 6-8pm. ALL entries must be pre-registered by Monday, November 22nd. A $5 entry donation fee is encouraged to help with the costs of hosting this event. 

All entries will be parked around the Courthouse square in downtown and spectators can view the floats/displays either by walking or driving. We hope that this format will inspire creativity in displays that typically would not function in motion. 

The theme this year is a "Retro Christmas", and features floats and displays based on different decades! The Chamber of Commerce asks that entries do NOT include Santa or Mrs. Claus, as we will provide a Santa Claus.  Also, remember - it is a "lighted display", all entries MUST have some illumination! The more lights you include, the better your float/display will look! If you would like tips on how to build or purchase a lighted display or float - please check out Pinterest or Google search. Type in "Holiday Lighted Floats" or "Holiday Lighted Displays". There are a ton of great ideas out there! Lights can be run on generators OR purchase battery operated lights!

We hope to bring holiday cheer to our amazing community! Help us light up Newton!


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